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Other Side of the Tracks

I quite enjoyed making Afterglow back in 2022, so it seemed like a good time to do another album. So here we are, eighteen tracks later, including versions of previously covered songs, as well as eleven new ones.

Special mention to all my wonderful co-writers Graham Lyle, Chrissie Hammond and Charlie Dore and featured artists Bianca Kinane, Denise Pearson and Chrissie Hammond. I've included an old demo of It Takes A Woman To Know, sung by the late Marianne Morgan, a wonderful talent.

Huge thanks to the incredibly talented James Hallawell for his amazing keyboards, Graham Broad (Drums - Do What You Do), Ash Soan (Drums - We Go Back), Tommy Harden (Drums, Backing Vocals - What You Get Is What You See).

Chrissie Hammond - Backing Vocals ( Do What You Do, Safe With Me, Two People, Pray For Love). Jess McDonald - Backing Vocals (Light Of The World).

Theo Travis - Sax (Do What You Do), Paul Higgs - Trumpet (Do What You Do)

Chris West, Jonas Westling, Liam Hebb & Niko Tsonev - Engineering and Mix.

Mastered by Jonas Westling.

LuLu Ash - Front Cover Photography.

All other instruments performed by Terry Britten.

Other Side of the Tracks
Afterglow Cover

a Retrospective

Afterglow is released on 21 May 2022 on all digital platforms - See here!

For CDs, Vinyl, high quality digital downloads and band merch, please visit our store, or the official Terry Britten Bandcamp. 

Recorded between March 2020 and October 2021, Afterglow is the brand new double album by Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Terry Britten. 

Performing some of his biggest Grammy-winning hits, originally recorded by artists such as Tina Turner, Cliff Richard and Lenny Kravitz, Terry has also included some brand new material. 

All of the songs shine with impeccable radio friendly sensibility, masterful arrangements and a truly introspective vocal delivery.

“I always toyed with the idea of doing an album of my own, so when the lockdowns came along, it seemed like a good time to start. I had plenty of material to choose from but also wanted to include new songs. My idea was to record around ten songs, but ten soon turned into twenty something. So I thought, why not release it as a double album, and here we are, the old, the new, and even a few instrumentals to boot.

Never saw myself as a singer but I did sing many of my demos, so I got stuck in, and with a lot of encouragement from my friends, the result is finally here - the double album Afterglow.”


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